Bar Spoon with Crusher -

Bar Spoon with Crusher


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Bar Spoon with Dime Muddler S/S

As an essential part of every bartender's inventory this bar spoon with a wide dime muddling tool at the base is a must have for making fruity drinks and cocktails.
Length: 280mm
Material: Stainless steel
Did you know?

Apart from making a stirred cocktail the Bar Spoon is a versatile tool that has a number of uses including the drizzle pour - executed by gently pouring over the back of the spoon. This reduces the splash impact when landing in the glass, and is used to make layered drinks and garnish floats. It's also used for cracking ice cubes, dissolving sugar and other granules or bruising herbs to release the aromas. The purpose of the twisted handle is to reduce the impact of stirring a carbonated drink, keeping the drink fizzy.

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