Bozal Jabali Reserva Mezcal (750ml / 47%)

Bozal Jabali Reserva Mezcal (750ml / 47%)


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Agave Jabali takes 'wild' to a new level. It is known to be one of the hardest agave's to ferment as it expands and foams during distillation which presents a risk of the still exploding under preassure. It is also known to produce some of the most exoctic mezcals.

AROMA: The aromatics express notes of lavender and sage.
TASTE: Bright green vegetal flavours of celery and parsley grace the palate with a lingering finish of black pepper.
ENJOY: Let this one open up in the glass for a few minutes. The difference is well worth it.

Production Notes
  • Maguey: 100% Jabali (Convallis)
  • State: Oaxaca
  • Region: Sola de Vega
  • Cooking: Earthen pit
  • Milling: Hand mashing
  • Still Type: Clay pot still
  • ABV of Mezcal: 47%
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Production Notes
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  • Maguey: Wild Jabali
  • Classification: Ancestral Mezcal
  • Expression: Joven
  • ABV: 417.0 %
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