Denver and Liely Agave Glass
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Agave tasting glass
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Denver and Liely Agave Glass

Denver and Liely Agave Glass


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The highest performing agave specific glass in the world. With on the ground research spanning 2 years, Denver & Liely set out to understand, develop and produce a glass that accentuates every aspect of agave based spirits. Through the use of shape manipulation, engineered airflow and distillation rectification, Denver & Liely were able to achieve a far superior aroma, flavour and over all drinking experience.

  • Hand-blown
  • Hand-cut
  • Hand-polished
  • Lead-free crystal

If you're still wondering how much impact a glass can really have on your experience. Try nosing and sipping the same spirit from a brandy glass, Champaign flute and ordinary kitchen glass. You'll be blown away by the differences.

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