Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila (700ml / 35%)

Herradura Ultra Anejo Tequila (700ml / 35%)


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Released in 2015, this is Herradura's venture into clear yet aged tequilas. It is created by blending 25 month-old añejo tequila with their award winning Selección Suprema extra añejo which is aged in ex-bourbon barrels. The color is then removed using a proprietary filtering system. A touch of agave nectar is added to the tequila.

This is a superbly unique tequila that is best enjoyed sipped slowly with friends and family.

AROMA: Woah, banana, coconut and mouth watering vanilla
TASTEBaked agave and vanilla make your taste buds dance. As you sip you will enjoy and discover more fruits with some floral undertones. Super smooth and creamy.
BARREL: Mix between anejo and extra anejo tequila
ENJOY: A real classic sipping tequila

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Production Notes
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  • Maguey: Tequilana
  • Classification: Tequila (100% agave)
  • Expression: Extra Anejo,Anejo,Cristalino
  • ABV: 35.0 %
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