Koch El Mezcal Artisanal Pulquero (700ml / 46.65%)

Koch El Mezcal Artisanal Pulquero (750ml / 46.65%)


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A family steeped in mezcal production history since the 20th century but re-ignited by Carlos Moreno in 2009. Teaming up with 5th generation maestro mezcalero Perdo Hernandez, together they created Koch El Mezcal de Oaxaca with the goal of preserving mezcal culture. The result is one of the best, most affordable artisanal mezcals on the market in Australia. They have now integrated over 15 communities and 50 mezcal producing families into their collective. As with all things hand-crafted, each batch may slightly vary...

This agave is more commonly known for it’s use in pulque, which is made from fermented agua miel that is harvested from the live agave as it enters the final few months of its life.

AROMA: Intense smoke with notes of sweet cooked agave.
TASTE: Intense smoke, very linear that highlights the properties of cooked agave and a finish that is slightly reminiscent of pulque.
ENJOY: Allow to mellow in the glass before kissing and enjoying slowly

Production Notes
  • Maguey: Salmiana (Pulquero)
  • State: Oaxaca
  • Region: San Baltazar Guélavila
  • Cooking: Earthen pit
  • Milling: Tahona
  • Still Type: Copper pot still
  • ABV of Mezcal: 46.65%
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Production Notes
Please note: Every care has been taken to ensure our production notes are as acurate as possible. Where you detect any issues, please let us know and we'll fix them right up.
  • Maguey: Salmiana
  • Classification: Artisanal Mezcal
  • Expression: Joven
  • ABV: 46.65 %
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