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San Cosme Espadin Artisanal Mezcal (700ml / 40%)

San Cosme Espadin Artisanal Mezcal (700ml / 40%)

This San Cosme espadin is an approachable mezcal that makes an unbelievable sipper under $100 and is terrific in cocktails. It has been hand crafted using artisanal techniques in the...
San Cosme Mezcal & Lychee Lavender Cocktail Sample (50ml / 20%) -

San Cosme Mezcal & Lychee Lavender Cocktail Sample (50ml / 20%)

Pair our San Cosme Espadin mezcal with this mouth watering lychee & lavender sour mix to create a refreshing summer cocktail you wont want to put down. Packed full of...

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Mezcal San Cosme, borrows its name from Saint Cosmas who, alongside his twin brother Damian, is worshiped as the Patron Saint of Doctors. Together, they defied death on several occasions, and miracles are attributed to them even after death, appearing in dreams and healing those who implore them.

Mezcal San Cosme is the taste of ancestral traditions; its sophisticated taste should be enjoyed slowly, by savouring each sip while discovering the complex fragrance, smooth textures and smoky softness of this historical Mexican beverage.

Craftsmen respectfully oversee each step in the complex and ceremonial production process of Mezcal San Cosme; this loving tradition is reflected in the experience of tasting and sharing one of Mexico’s most sophisticated beverages.

Mezcal San Cosme is not only meant to be paired with food and mixed in premium cocktails; this is a legendary drink that goes well with a beautiful sunset, with the relaxing sounds of the ocean, with a gathering of your loved ones and, most importantly, with the celebration of life.