Tequila Ocho

Tequila Ocho Australia

You discover true agave gold, when you discover Tequila Ocho. This 100% agave premium tequila is the love child of Carlos Camarena and Tomas Estes. 2 of the biggest names in Tequila.

Tomas has been advocating 100% agave sipping tequila throughout his bars since 1976. He has gained recognition as the Tequila ambassador and is often featured as a guest speaker across Australia, Europe and the Americas.

The Camarena family has a history steeped in tequila tradition. Starting in 1937, they are now 3rd generation tequileros and one of the last remaining producers following artisanal methods. Nothing is rushed with Carlos, from agave production through to bottling and sipping.

All tequila made by the Camarena family is produced exclusively from agave from their own fields, a fact that few other producers can claim. Because the production is small-batch and carefully done, the heart and passion of the Camarenas’ Mexican soul is in each drop of their tequila. The family have only ever made 100% agave tequila.