Ensamble Mezcal

    Alipus Destilado en Barro San Migeul Sola Mezcal (750ml / 47%)


    Alipus Destilado en Barro San Migeul Sola Mezcal is incredible special being catagorised as ancestral mezcal with clay pot distillation. At this price point, it is a rare find. Produced by Tio Felix it shows notes of bitter chocolate, herbs and wet earth. Read full description below...

    Alipus San Andres Ensemble Mezcal (750ml / 47.5%)


    This Alipus San Andres ensemble mezcal was originally going to replace the single agave San Andres espadin. This release is made from 90% espadin and 10% bicuishe. Read full description below...

    Bozal Ensamble Mezcal (750ml / 47%)


    A light blend of Espadīn, Barril and Mexicano magueys crafted into a slightly smoky, herbaceous and citrus forward mezcal. The light ochre hue of the bottle is meant to echo the light and delicate blend.Read full description below...

    Bozal Iberico Mezcal (750ml / 47%)


    This Destilado Con Jamon Iberico style mezcal really show cases the heart and soul of traditional Mexico.A viscous mouthfeel coats the palate with savory flavours, complemented by a slight floral note of hibiscus flower.Read full description below...

    Bozal Sacrificio Borrego Mezcal (750ml / 47%)


    You've discovered an absolute gem. This sacrificial mezcal is reserved for family and local celebrations. Made in a way similar to a Pechuga, a leg of lamb (borrego) and other seasonal wild fruits are suspended in the still during the second distillation giving this mezcal a unique and irresistible flavour profile. Read full description below...

    Bruxo No 2 Pechuga Mezcal (750ml/ 46%)


    Bruxo Pechuga is made different in that the heart of the agave is split open and placed in the still vs traditional animal products. The result is a full bodied mezcal that offers sweet, herbal and smoked flavours with a clean finish. Read full description below...

    Bruxo No 4 Ensamble Mezcal (750ml / 46%)


    Bruxo No 4 Ensamble is a complex mezcal that show cases the diversity of the maguey. Notes of lemon, grapefruit and vanilla. Enjoy with chocolate, coffee and cheese. Read full description below...

    Corte Vetusto Ensamble II Mezcal (700ml / 43.5%)


    A unique mezcal made with equal parts espadin, tobala and madrecuishe. First distilled using a copper pot still and then a second distillation using an ancestral copper pot still. Double Gold at the International Spirits Challenge (ISC) 2020. Read full description below...

    Del Maguey Wild Papalome Mezcal (750ml / 45%)


    This Del Maguey is a superb ensamble of Wild Papalome and Tobala. The maguey Papalometl is named in Nahuatl for the butterfly. Earthy, dark and delicious. The nose is like sinking into a rich leather chair. Read full description below...

    Derrumbes Oaxaca Mezcal (700ml / 47.5%)


    ABV varies slightly from batch to batch. Please call ahead to check if you’d like to know exact ABV of current stock.

    Derrumbes Oaxaca showscases the maguey diversity of Oaxaca in a perfectly crafted, blended mezcal. Produced from Espadin and Tobala, it shows off the rich characteristics of the Central Valleys. The maestro mezcalero, Javier Mateo, is a 3rd generation agave farmer in the town of Santiago Matatlan.Read full description below...

    Koch El Mezcal Artisanal 4 Maguey Ensemble (750ml / 47.11%)


    This 4 maguey ensemble by Koch El is one of the most we've seen and it shows in the balanced and complex flavours offered up.Read full description below...

    Papadiablo Mezcal Especial Mezcal (700ml / 47.7%)


    An oxymoron of a name (Papa – Pope; Diablo – Devil) which describes perfectly the complexity you will experience with this ensemble. Read full description below...

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